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International Travel Insurance

VBS has partnered with 911Abroad to offer comprehensive travel insurance plans that meet the needs of both, individuals and families.911Abroad offers an advantage over other companies that provide international travel coverage, setting them apart and providing our clients with superior tools at their fingertips to make their trip easier and more enjoyable.

VBS and 911Abroad take the time to match which product best fits your needs. This is why our clients stay with us year after year whenever they are planning a trip. Whether it’s the professional business traveler, school groups, or yearly family vacationers; those who prefer dedicated people and exceptional service tools choose us over other companies.

VBS and 911Abroad offers the following advantages over other companies that provide international travel coverage:

  • Easy Online Enrollment
  • Immediate Access to Documents
  • Client Management Portal
  • Knowledge

Most plans need minimal information and the enrollment process takes no longer than 5 minutes, making it convenient for you to obtain travel coverage quickly and move on.

For more information on program options, please contact us at (866) 827-9904 x7.