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Are you a broker currently offering Voluntary Benefits to your clients? If you haven’t begun to venture into this market then you are missing an excellent opportunity. You will grow your book of business faster, earn additional revenue, increase client retention, and offer the latest and greatest voluntary benefits.

New government legislation regarding health care reform is creating concerns for both brokers and employers alike. The health care exchanges that are currently being implemented by states will dramatically change the way health benefits are offered in the marketplace. Brokers are concerned that their commissions will be negatively impacted by the Minimum Loss Ratio (MLR) and that other brokers will take over their business. Employers are confused by all of the reform and many are retreating from offering paid benefits to employees.

Employers are seeking out answers from you, their trusted advisor. They are looking for you to educate them and to make sense of the reform and recommend solutions that bring down their costs. Partnering with a voluntary benefits agency will help you understand the voluntary products available.