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Homeowners' Insurance

Finding the right home may take a lot of time and effort. However, finding the right insurance can be practically effortless.

Our standard homeowners’ insurance policy includes coverage for:

Reconstruction value of your home- Extended Replacement Cost coverage can ensure that your home will be rebuilt to the same standards as the original construction. This includes quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Personal property coverage- Replacement Cost Coverage ensures that your personal property will actually be replaced after a covered loss, not paid for after deductions for depreciation.

Personal liability insurance - Personal liability is a part of your homeowners’ policy, and it is important to choose the appropriate coverage limit.

Additional living expenses- What if you cannot live in your home after a loss? Hotel bills and restaurant charges can add up quickly. The insurance policy you select should include enough coverage to allow you to continue to live as you are accustomed, without additional expense.

Coverage for fences, pools, barns, and other structures - Most homeowners’ policies include only a minimum coverage amount for damage to fences, pools, detached garages and other structures that are not attached to the main house. Are you sure you have enough coverage to fully replace these items?

Flood and earthquake insurance- Most homeowners’ policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage. You should consider whether you need protection against those losses.

In addition to very competitive rates, we can offer additional credits and cover options, enabling you to control costs and tailor your coverage.

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